Welcome to the Wiki!

This website will let everyone keep track of what's going on in the world, who you've met, who you are, what you've found, where you've been, and many other things. I'll briefly explain some of the more important tabs…

I haven't ever used the calendar on this site, but we'll try to use it to plan out sessions. Make sure to check it every now and then. Everything will also be posted in the Facebook group, but it doesn't hurt to check.

Adventure Log:
This is where you guys jump in! Here you can make new posts that will basically go over what happened in the last session. This could be as simple as copying down whatever notes you took during the session, or writing a multi-paragraph epic about what we did. The Adventure Log helps everyone stay on the same page so that if someone misses a session or forgets what went down, they can check it out to get a quick refresher. It also helps me in that I know where exactly to start next time we do a session. It doesn't matter who writes it, and it only takes a few minutes, so you could even take turns.

This is the main feature of this website. This is where I will write all the details and information about the world itself, and all the places, organizations, and events. Check here if there's anything you're ever uncertain about in the lore. There will be loads of stuff written here that will be hidden until you discover it in the world, and plenty of info about stuff that you probably already know. As far as player/character knowledge goes, you can decide whether or not your character knows the information; however, this is general information about the world that would probably be pretty widespread.

In the characters tab of the wiki, you'll be able to edit your own characters (stats, inventory, backstory, etc.). This tab will also let you see all the NPCs you've met over the course of the campaign (or at least the ones I bother making pages for). You may not be able to see all of their stats and info, as most of that will be hidden for everyone but me. To go over how we're going to remake our characters, follow this link: Character (Re)Creation

The maps tab keeps track of the maps you find in the world. The maps here will have markers and tabs that let you go directly to the page for specific towns and places of interest.

So hopefully this website will be able to keep us all informed and up to date on everything, allowing us to play more often and more efficiently.